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Simply Smarter

Being more thoughtful of our environment is something we do every day, especially in the way we chose to travel. Now more than ever, individuals are choosing carbon-neutral modes of transport and doing their part to protect the world for tomorrow.

Prodigee creates innovative, safe and stylish products to complement this change and encourage everyone to use their bikes more often and in new ways – together.

Transporting your world, safely

Iconic Dutch Design

Design-led seats and trailers for the future

Sleek, sturdy and 100% reliable – Prodigee seats and trailers turn heads thanks to their modern design that communicates comfort, making sure your little ones travel in style – yet feel secure.

Modern, Innovative Solutions

Prodigee seats and trailers are comfortable in the urban jungle or on the weekend bike path, with family transport solutions that put your needs at the centre and support your daily choices.

Protection plus Comfort

Through the use of the latest polymer moulds to protect where needed, yet cushion the pressure points, Prodigee offers the perfect balance between comfort and safety.

Innovative solutions for passenger safety and iconic design.


Product 004

March 18, 2023

Product 003

March 18, 2023

ICON Rear Seat

March 18, 2023

ICON Front

March 18, 2023

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What is our Design-Led Approach?

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