Prodigee ICON Rear Seat

Following in your pedal strokes, the Prodigee ICON Rear seat is the first choice for safety when cycling with small children.

Available in an array of modern colours to suit all bikes and e-bikes, the ICON Rear is designed to the latest EU Standard issued in 2022 for wrap-around head protection not found on many child seats on the market today.

Featuring shock-absorbing, water-resistant, EVA foam padding, the ICON Rear is made for long-distance comfort, either in the city or cycling out of town. Along with an adjustable 5-point harness and secure and adjustable footrests, the Prodigee ICON Rear ensures a secure and comfortable fit for your child as they grow, where ever the roads take you both.

Easy to install and adjust to any rear rack,(need info here about mounting) the seat features a child-safe safety buckle that makes securing your child quick and effortless, with a quick-release bracket for easy mounting or removal when not in use.

Designed and tested to be used once a child can sit independently, the ICON Rear is ideal for children up to 6 years old with a maximum weight of 22kg, for a safe and stylish choice for any parent looking for safety without compromise.

Integrated Lock
Dedicated Clamp
Waterproof, EVA cushion

100% Polypropylene, fully recyclable frame

Enhanced site protection
Adjustable back
Free from harmful chemicals
5-point safety harness
Simply Smarter.

At the core of the design process for Prodigee bike seats and trailers is people. We strive to understand individual needs to better support how humans really live, both now and into the future.

Prodigee was born into a lineage of experts in family transportation on two wheels, bringing together a team of industry professionals with decades of experience and success in the child transportation fields, resulting in an approach that’s simply smarter.

For the development of Prodigee, we partnered with a leading Dutch design team who are world-leaders in progressive solutions for commuting and the movement of people on bikes.

Engaging experts in the fields of consumer research, trends, engineering and design, we developed and stringently applied a process to each Prodigee product to deliver cutting-edge design, practical functionality and the highest safety standards.